Character Creation

Character Creation

  • The system is 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  • All characters begin at 1st level.
  • Assign attributes using Method 2: Customizing Scores (PHB p17).
Start with these six scores: 8, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. You have 22 points to spend on improving them. The cost of raising a score from one number to a higher number is shown on the table below.


* If your score is 8, you can pay 1 to make it 9 or 2 to make it 10. You must buy your score up to 10 before you can improve it further.

  • Any class from PHB or PHB2. It is probably a good idea to keep in mind the four character roles (Controller, Defender, Leader & Striker) and to discuss your choices with the other players. It is recommended that each of these roles is represented.
  • Choose any race from the PHB or PHB2 however, keep in mind the more exotic races are quite rare and may cause people to react differently.
  • Choose any non-evil alignment.

Group Background options

  1. Adventurers Inc
    • You have formed an adventuring company. Registered and Bonded in Fallcrest, Nentir Vale.
    • Quest: Ruins of an Empire
  2. Followers of the Faith
    • You are all members of the same religious order
    • Quest: Ominous Signs
  3. Militia
    • You are all part of the local militia
    • Quest: Missing Mentor

Character Background

  1. What are the character’s goals? Please list at least two goals your character has.
    1. These can be things as powerful as “I want to avenge my parents, who were killed by a rival clan” or as seemingly undramatic as “I want to prove to my older brother, and myself, that I can make a difference in the world“ or something that highlights a character flaw or tries to improve a reputation, like “I want to try and stop drinking and do a major good deed every month“
  2. What is your character’s biggest regret? ##(this should be something that they had the ability to affect and they chose not to, not something that they had no control over).
  3. What is the main driving force for the character?
    1. i.e. What is the main thing that the character likes to do? Do they like to fight? Do they like dramatic conflict in PC-NPC interactions? Do they just like to hoard stuff and have the most fun when they are gathering the loot after the battle is over?

Character Creation

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